Pay Online


Reduce operating costs and accelerate cash flow

  • Credit Management

  • We can provide online credit application, reference checks, and automated decision making processes to increase speed of credit decisions and decrease your cost of credit requests. Utilize the payment knowledge we have on 10 million + shippers, and save money due to our volume price discounted credit reports.

  • Document Retrieval

  • Economical and fast communications with drivers, draymen, carriers, O/O's to obtain POD/back up documentation to ensure timely receipt and thus faster billing and resolution. In other words, the faster you get delivery confirmation, the quicker you can bill the shipper and get paid. This services quickly pays for itself by reducing your DSO.

  • Invoice Print / Mail / E-billing

  • Don't have the technology to automate invoicing? We provide invoicing via paper/mail, edi, or email on hundreds of thousands e-invoice and print/mail invoice transactions each month. Due to our large volume of print/mail, we pass the savings on to small/mid-size transportation companies that do not have the purchasing power of our size. In addition, we can automate daily, weekly, or monthly invoicing and statement transactions for pennies on the dollar.

  • E-billing Conversion

  • Do have the capability of e-invoicing, but still have customers getting paper bills? Use our contact center to convert customers from paper to ebill so that you can reduce print/mail expense, reduce DSO, and improve cash flow. We can quickly and economically migrate customers from paper to email invoicing at an average 72% conversion rate. Typically, our conversion cost averages only 1-2 months of your print/mail savings, the rest of the savings for the entire customer lifecycle is yours to keep.

  • All-Inclusive Account Receivable Management

  • We enable you to reduce, or re-purpose, existing staff so that you can realize a better ROI on their expense. Our costs are easily covered by the increased cash flow, and decreased cost, you will gain by using our best-practices and core-competency. We’ve successfully managed the A/R for many of the world’s leading transportation companies that have trusted us to work with over 11,000,000 shippers. Simply stated, reducing DSO, and improving the billing process will enable you to save money.