Pay Online


Ensure consistent branding of your company by improving communications, while reducing cost

  • Carrier Vetting / On-boarding

  • Utilize our technology and contact center horsepower to quickly, and consistently, obtain necessary paperwork to onboard carriers. We educate carriers on how the process works with your company; inclusive of getting loads, process for handling paperwork, getting paid, etc. By doing so, procurement/brokers can procure more loads and carriers, while ensuring a consistent decision-making process.

  • Driver, O/O, & Draymen Vetting / On-boarding

  • Driver procurement and retention is a top priority. By partnering with your driver recruitment team, we can efficiently take on the administrative tasks of quickly and economically communicating with drivers, draymen and/or O/O's to obtain all the necessary information needed to be an employee/contractor. This allows for increased procurement activities. Whatever your requirements are, centralizing this process with us ensures these administrative tasks are completed timely and with consistency.

  • Carrier Profile Updating

  • We perform annual existing carrier communications to ensure their profile is up to date as it relates to insurance, equipment updates, lane desires, etc. This ensures when a load is tendered the carrier is compliant with your requirements, and you are up to date on their capacity capabilities.

  • Change Notification Campaigns

  • Policies, manuals, and company announcements occur. These are all items that your drivers and contractors should, and need to, be aware of to ensure they feel part of while on the road. We can be hopeful that they go to your website or read an email, but it’s not a guarantee. We have the technology and horsepower to reach the masses quickly and efficiently to give you the confidence your message has been received.