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Enhance your customer's experience for increased sales

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Is your sales force responsible for completing daunting forms to pass on to other departments? Wouldn’t they be more effective using their talents making sales instead of doing administrative tasks? We find that centralizing this process ensures policy compliance, allows your sales reps to do more selling, and makes changing processes much easier. Reduce the risk of data loss of sensitive customer information by centralizing this process with us. Using our expertise, we enhance the customer experience by welcoming new customers onboard, thanking them for their business, ensuring proper account set-up (inclusive of customer experience requirements, accurate billing info, rates, etc). Introduce preferred billing & payment options and introduce other web or company services/features. Other onboarding strategies include tutorials / training on web-based portals, discovery of additional services used/need for upsell opportunities. Provides for a consistent, un-waivered branding message.

  • Customer Service Campaigns

  • In our industry, policy, pricing, and rate changes occur often. These are all items that your customers should, and need to, be aware of. We can be hopeful that they go to your website or read the latest transportation news update, but it’s not a guarantee. Synter has the technology and horsepower to touch a large number of customers quickly and efficiently for you with our mass contact initiatives.

  • Self-Service Training

  • It is by human nature that one tries to assist themselves whenever possible. Most transportation companies have self-service options available on their website; such as: rate quotes, document retrieval, claims forms, and online bill pay, to name a few. How many customers are actively using these tools? Our customer training initiatives can educate your customers on your offerings to ensure they use these features.

  • Customer Master Updating

  • Contact databases can get outdated, and it can be a struggle to maintain accurate customer records. We can update your customer relationship management (CRM) system with updated customer contact information.

  • Consulting

  • Perfect for companies that need and want to improve in any of the above areas, but are not ready to jump into outsourcing. Take advantage of our core-competencies and best-practices in our consultative role of performing the above functions. Costs are a fraction of the savings we will help you achieve.